Handlooms - Bhagalpur

Bhagalpur is our oldest unit – almost 47 years old – there has been a conscious effort to upgrade and modernize the machines and tools used in the process – without infringing the typical characteristics of fabrics from this region under the able guidance of Professor M.L. Gulrajani (on textile chemistry at IIT, New Delhi )

The entire process of spinning, twisting, dyeing, and weaving of yarn into fabrics and then finishing of fabrics. Each of these hand woven fabrics undergoes “KUNDI Finish”, which is hand beaten (sprayed with appropriate chemicals/reagents) with a wooden mace which ensures a special impart shine / luster, yet matte look. This is largely done manually and the skills of the workers involved are crucial for the overall look, calendaring, finish and feel of the fabric.

However, in tune with management philosophy, wherever possible machines like JIGGER & WINCHES have been introduced for piece dyed qualities resulting in better uniformity and ensuring high quality dyeing and colour fastness, with the best quality dyes from “Ciba”.

The secret of Bhagalpur’s incredibly beautiful fabric lies in the versatility offered by the handloom and weaving skills honed over generations by its native weavers.

Handloom is a designer’s delight due the flexibility it offers-
• Can use any number of colours both in the warp weft
• Different yarn compositions and yarn denier can be used in the same fabric

Providing a wide array of fabrics – simple yet lustrous Tassar, Matka to multicoloured Tweeds.

JJ is perhaps one of the very few companies engaged in continuous development of new and different fabrics using different yarn specifications and weaving techniques – so you would discover something unique every season. Conscious of our environment protection obligations, JJ is perhaps the only company with effluent treatment plant in this region.

Since it is hand processed some variation in colour and weave is natural – and all our valued customers will vouch that this brings out the uniqueness and beauty of the fabrics.

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